Thursday, August 16, 2007


The concept of "sabbath" is all over the Bible. It begins with God taking "sabbath" on the 7th day of creation and goes all the way to Jesus teaching about it in the New Testament. Sabbath is basically "rest." But not just rest for no reason. Rest "on purpose." Intentional rest for the purpose of renewal, rejuvanation, etc. Here's a confession - I stink at sabbath. I've learned that about myself over the years. So I've really begun to work on it. Isn't that funny? I'm WORKING on RESTING. Seems kind of backwards/ironic. But if you're like me you have to work on things like sabbath. I'm trying to have a small bit of sabbath every day now. And I'm also trying to take bigger chunks of it at times. In a couple weeks my wife and I are headed out of town for 5 days - no kids, just me and her - for the sole purpose of sabbath. When I get back I know that I'll be ready to go at it again - with the church, kids, and life in general!