Monday, July 30, 2007

Tattoos - signs of change

Check out this manequin at a local department store - with a tattoo on his left arm. Tattoos are becoming more "accepted" in our culture today, and that is reflected even in some of our large department stores. I like it. They are stretching ... taking risks. Thoughts?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Vision is an amazing thing. I'm realizing more and more that without vision and dreams that lead to real goals - nothing much gets accomplished in life. This is true personally, in marriage and family, in business, in the Church, etc. People with vision are proactive and set goals and seek to attain them. Those without vision seem to wander aimlessly, just kind of reacting to life. Lately I've been creating vision and goals for my family life - with my wife and kids. My wife and I are creating a "vision statement" for our family right now. I'll post it when it's done. Just some random thoughts ....

Remembering ...

Was looking back at some old pictures today of when The Quest Church actually began. Here's one of our community just beginning to form in our very first year. We were meeting in small groups and then gathering once a month at a local restaurant (after hours) for worship and community building. There are a dozen and a half people in this gathering I think. Sometimes I struggle with where I am RIGHT NOW. But when I LOOK BACK it reminds me that God has been faithful and has been with me every step of the way. Remembering how God has grown The Quest community into what it is today is incredible. It shows me how small I am and how big God is.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Excited about a new series we've got coming up soon at QC. It's called "Bloom" and we'll be looking at how God plants us in certain places at certain times so that we can be used by Him. It makes me think of people in the Bible like Moses and others, who felt so inadequate to be used by God, but once they just accepted that God could and would use them - they bloomed where God planted them.

We've been in a Proverbs series this summer - that has been great - but sometimes a series can get long and even I'm ready to move on! Can't wait for "Bloom" to start ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reds Game

Went to a Cincinnati Reds game during a family reunion this weekend. Haven't been to a pro sports game in awhile - forgot how much fun these can be!

A couple things about the game that made me think about my spiritual life:

1) There were only a handful of people actually "playing the game." There were thousands of us watching other people play. Made me realize that as followers of Christ, we're called to do both, really. Sometimes we play - and sometimes we cheer on others who are playing. Both roles are important if you think about it.

2) The Reds were playing San Francisco - the team Barry Bonds plays for. At the game I was at, he was just 4 homeruns away from breaking the all-time homerun record set by Hank Aaron. This is a big deal. But here's the thing - every time he stepped up to the plate to bat - he was "boo-ed" in a big way. No clapping. No cheering. Just boo-s. I asked my dad what was up (I'm not a big sports follower) and he told me about his alleged use of steroids. People were yelling things like "Juice-man" and "Cheater," etc. It made me think - that's pretty much how real life is. You make a mistake and it follows you like that. It also made me think about how being a Christian, though, is often counter-cultural. By that I mean that we're called to forgive each others' offenses/wrongs.

Never knew baseball could be such a spiritual experience.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We've been in a series at our church this summer - exploring the ancient book of Proverbs. There are so many amazing and practical themes in this book. This past week we talked about what Proverbs says about money and resources. The word that came to the surface as I studied this theme in Proverbs was the word "discipline." Proverbs teaches that it takes discipline to handle money wisely, etc. I've been thinking alot more about discipline the past couple of days - and realizing that discipline relates to every area of life. Think about it - anything you want to do, and want to do well at - takes discipline. Whether it's being a friend to someone, a good spouse, a great father or mother, playing a sport or instrument, getting in shape, learning to cook, whatever. And I've been thinking about how this is so true of our spirituality and walk with God as well. It takes discipline. The root of "discipline" has the word "disciple" in it. Perhaps discipline and discipleship are related - I think they are/must be. Maybe that's why being a follower of Christ is so hard. Because it takes discipline - getting up every single day and committing to this life again. And again. And again. Just stuff I've been thinking about ...