Friday, October 26, 2007


Starting a new series in November at my church. It's been a tough one to think through. We're calling it "beyond" and exploring how Jesus calls His followers "beyond" the place we are now/today. And that's uncomfortable. We like where we are. We don't want to move or change or get uncomfortable. Will be focusing mostly on how the place God wants to move us to is a place of service. Humility. Washing the feet of the world. For most of us - true service is way "beyond" where we are. We're willing to call ourselves Christians, and even do a little bit for God - but only as long as it is "comfortable" for us. This series will definitely be a challenge - for me personally, and for our church community as we explore what living like Jesus really means.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Studying for our new series (worship [re]defined) coming up at Quest Church is wearing me out. The reason is I'm realizing I have a warped view of what "worship" really is. I think most of us probably do. Let's be honest - for most of us - worship is an "event" we go to. We go to a "worship service" or "worship gathering" (as we call it at our church). But is that what it is? Because when it's that, we tend to focus on the "externals" of it - the setting, the music (loud or soft, organ or guitars, hymns or contemporary praise stuff, good preaching or bad, etc.). I've been checking out the Bible this week as it pertains to worship - and do you know that there is NO PRESCRIBED WAY of doing the "external" stuff I just mentioned? None that I can find. All you'll find is the word "worship" being used to convey the idea that WE as humans are to ASCRIBE WORTH ("worship" comes from the old English "worth -ship") to GOD. It's about having an OBJECT of our affections - God. This means worship is not really an event - it's an attitude of the heart. It's love for God. It's surrender to Him.

Thank God He gets ahold of me sometimes and rocks my world. It's what I need.