Thursday, February 21, 2008

Discipling my daughter

Was inspired by another pastor and blogger awhile back to begin discipling my own children. By this I mean I'm spending intentional one on one time with them where we focus on specific spiritual "challenges" (I'll explain). I have four kids - so this will be a alot for me! However, I've decided I would start when each one turns 8, and continue until the 13th birthday. So this will help spread it out for me since my kids span different ages. Have met with my oldest daughter (who is 8) twice now. It's been really cool. Let her pick out her own Bible (she had a kids type one - but I helped her pick out a new one in a modern translation - it's pink!). She also picked another book to read. I pick her up from school on Fridays, we go to a donut/ice cream place, and we spend an hour together. During this time we discuss 4 challenges each week - 1) Bible challenge - where she reads at least a chapter of the Bible and we discuss what she learned (we're doing John right now), 2) Prayer challenge - where she decides on things she wants to pray for during the week, 3) Serve challenge - where she decides one thing she will do to serve another person during the week, and 4) Intellectual challenge - where she reads another book and we discuss it. Right now we're reading "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. She keeps a journal of what we're doing. Gotta say - over the next few years I'll spend 200-250 times with her like this AND I love what it will do for our relationship and her relationship with God.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cool Image

This is a large "sign" we have hanging on our stage area at our church. Just thought it looked so cool I wanted to post it on the blog. It's for a series we're doing right now called "vintage FAITH" where we're looking at the ancient teachings of Jesus and how they relate to our world today. We're studying the 8 Beatitudes in Matthew 5.