Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is worship?

Got a new series/theme coming up at our church. The focus will be on "worship." We realize that all of us have our ideas about what this is - so we're calling it "worship [re]defined." Because we believe that worship/faith should never be static. It should always be moving, changing, evolving. This isn't to say that there aren't foundational/absolute truths about these issues - it's just that sometimes we make what is secondary foundational and primary. When it comes to worship, we can really get bent out of shape. I've seen it happen. And we tend to get bent out of shape on secondary/non-primary issues related to it. In this series we're going to try to keep it focused on what's primary/most important as it relates to worship. It's going to be a great journey as we explore God and what it means to worship Him! Can't wait!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The world's a changin'

I continue to be amazed at how our world is changing. Having kids today makes you realize just how much things have changed - especially in the realm of technology/culture. Here are a couple examples. I have a 7 year old. She thinks a "mouse" is a computer apparatus. And just the other day, she wanted to set up her own "blog." So now she 'journals' online on her own. And it's for all the world to see. She's 7!

Like I said - the world is changing!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Coffeeshop blues

The coffeeshop I have hung out at for over 2 years closed last month. That's tough. Not because of the coffeeshop itself - but because of the atmosphere, relationships, etc. I mourned a couple weeks and then decided it was time to find some new friends/a new shop. Love meeting new people and being in a new environment.

Reminds me of how we can get pretty comfortable as Jesus-followers - with our faith, church, etc. Sometimes we have to venture out, shake things up, do something different. Ritual and all that is great to a point - but it needs to be balanced with stepping out, too.

Just some thoughts ...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Starting a new series at our church this week. The main text for this series is the beginning of John 15 where Jesus basically says "I am the true vine ... you are the branches ... remain in me and you'll produce fruit ... apart from me you can do nothing." Gotta admit - I've heard it dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. But for some reason this time it is grabbing me and not letting me go. It's getting inside of me in a way it hasn't before. And I think the reason is that if I'm honest with myself - I feel pretty disconnected from Jesus Christ. To "remain" in the Greek means to "live" or "dwell." I think I live/dwell in myself most of the time - not in Jesus Christ. I'm not trying to be hard on myself (I've been accused of that) - it's the truth. Learning to "remain" in Jesus is not easy. It's just not. I think the "Church" has made it too easy. We've made it about coming to church an hour a week, doing a little for God, etc. Jesus made it about a relationship with Him that changes your core/soul in such a way that you die to you and live for Him, and in doing so produce fruit that impacts the world. I'm rambling - but just some thoughts I'm having ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Family "Vision" Statement

Thought I'd post some preliminary thoughts on a vision statement my wife and I are creating for our family. A vision statement suggests a "destination" you are aiming to go. We are also developing goals and an action plan to get there. But so far, this is where we're at:

Kenney Family Vision

"Because of God's great love for us in Jesus Christ- we will demonstrate a great love for God, for each other within our family, and for the world around us."

It's basic - which I think vision statements should be. It starts with God's love for us, which requires a response. We want our children to understand and experience the love of God FIRST, then allow that to help them RESPOND to Him, our family, an dthe world they live in with LOVE as well.

For each of our kids, this will look somewhat different - because our kids are unique and different. We're currently looking at ways to make this more specific and practical for each child.

This statement is really giving my wife and I more direction and intentionality in the way we live as a family, raise our children, etc.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm back, mon!

Just got back from Jamaica Saturday night/Sunday morning. My wife, Shauna, and I spent about 5 days in Negril at a beautiful resort there. We had decided just before our twins were born that when they turned a year old - we would take vacation - just me and her. Well our twins turned one just a few weeks ago - and we made good on what we said we would do!

I learned something about myself in Jamaica. When we first got there - I had the hardest time relaxing! I just couldn't do it. I felt like I should be working, producing, etc. But there was nothing I could really do. My cell phone didn't work there and I left my laptop at home (intentionally!) - so there was no checking email, etc. After about a day, though, I began to relax. Then by about the third day - I was relaxing pretty well! Then, on the last 24 hours there - I began stressing more. Even though I had a day lef
t to relax in such an amazing place - I just couldn't do it. Knowing that I was headed home soon, I began thinking of everything that awaited me.

So I have a tough time relaxing/taking a break. But I've decided to try to import that lesson to my daily life. If I have to go to Jamaica to relax - I'm going to go broke! I have to learn to work it into every day life somehow - even in the midst of the busyness and craziness of it all.

Getting ready to start a new series at our church that

talks about how to exist in a crazy/busy world. Looking forward
to studying and learning more in John 15 and how remaining
connected to Jesus (the "vine") is the key to living in our world.