Saturday, January 30, 2010

Father Daugther Meetings

My 10 year old, Morgan, and I have been have "father daughter dates (or meetings)" every Friday for about 2 years now. Time is spent reading the Bible, discussing it, praying, etc. This past week we added a new dimension to our times together. I'm seeking to help her establish a regular and consistent "devotional time" with God every day. So now one of her goals is to read the Bible and pray every night before bed. She only got 2 of 7 days last week ... but it's a start! Very excited about this. Can't think of anything more important I can do as a father than to love my daughter and to help her learn to love and be loved by God by spending time with Him consistently.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're going to say it

Starting a new series this Sunday @ The Quest. We're going to SAY the things that many of us are THINKING, but for whatever reason we're just not saying. For example - "I'm not the person you think I am" or "I need help" or "I'm mad at God for (fill in the blank)."

The church has created a culture where we're just not permitted to say some things that really need to be said/addressed.

I love addressing controversial things!