Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday on Monday (1.30.2011)

Some thoughts from yesterday @ The Quest:

* I wasn't in worship yesterday morning! Was actually traveling back from a wedding I officiated in Orlando. Shauna and I went a couple days early and just spent some time together by ourselves. After 16 years of marriage I still encourage all couples to get away and spend time together - for a few days once in awhile - but even more than --- date your spouse every week! It will only make your marriage better. Dare you to try it!

* Was telling my wife, Shauna, yesterday - I love it that we can be away and things just roll on as normal! Demonstrates the strength of our leaders and team at Quest. So thankful for so many who serve so sacrificially to make Sundays happen. Was a big day --- 2 morning worship services, a Belize Training meeting, kids and youth ministries, and a prayer service to end the night. Awesome!

* In worship yesterday we gave away thousands of dollars! One of my favorite things to do (really missed not being there for that part!). So thankful and consider it a real privilege to be able to partner with amazing organizations like The Golden Harvest Food Bank, When Help Can't Wait, UGA Wesley Foundation, Mike Freace and his Mission to Africa through Westminster Schools of Augusta, and our on-going Belize Mission. Thank you for giving regularly to The Quest Church ---- your offerings are making an impact locally and around the world - enabling us to give to such great Kingdom minded missions like those we had in worship with us yesterday!

* Started working on first message of new series while flying home yesterday from Orlando. Series is entitled "Sticks and Stones... the power of our words." It's going to be incredible ... but in the sense of challenging us to think about how every words we say (or text or email or put on facebook or blogs, etc) have the ability to bring LIFE or DESTRUCTION to others. Been thinking about this series for months. Very passionate about it. Seeing my own failures in this area... and know that we all need to hear from God's WORD about our WORDS. You need to be here for this!

* Lastly, ran by the Belize Training event last night for a few minutes and prayed for our 44 Quest missionaries headed to Belize in April. What a privilege!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love Servants!

Doing a stage renovation @ The Quest this week. Gotta admit - just blown away by the team getting this done. They have worked tirelessly this week to build this new stage, add artwork to our walls, etc. I AM SO THANKFUL for those who love God and demonstrate that love through sacrificial service like this. The Church would not be what it is without servants, following in the footsteps and example of Jesus, the Greatest Servant of all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Beginning a new series this coming Sunday (1/16) at The Quest. Been thinking and praying on this series for some time now, and stoked that it is finally here. Just really feel like this is a series we need to hear and respond to. Calling it "The Irresistible Invitation." Must give props to the idea being sparked by another pastor named Steven Furtick doing a message called "The Invitation" last year. Loved the idea of God issuing us an "invitation" to know Him.

The series will have three themes - one each week for the next three weeks:

Jan. 16
The invitation to know an irresistible God

Jan. 23
The invitation to become a part of an irresistible community

Jan. 30
The invitation to live for an irresistible mission/purpose

I've said it before and will say it again --- This series can be life-changing. It truly can. If we will not only listen to what it being said, but cooperate with God's Spirit to make it true in our everyday lives.

I'm praying for everyone who comes, that we'll be open to hear from God in a fresh way and to apply His Word to our lives.

See you around!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday on Monday (1.9.2011)

Thoughts from yesterday @ The Quest ...

* Seriously amazing day in the life of our church community. Celebrated God's FAITHFULNESS to our church over the past 5 or 6 years since we began! So many great stories to tell of all God has done and is doing. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

* Loved listening to the Steele's share their story of life transformation! A testimony to God's faithfulness and moving in the life of this church community!

* Our band is simply amazing. Great worship yesterday.... as it is every week. So thankful for an amazing group of dedicated and gifted musicians who share their gifts and talents with our church community!

* Bob and Beth Farris showed up for one of our services. Bob is our consultant for the Imagine Building Campaign we are in. He and I have established a close friendship. Joy to have them worship with us yesterday!

* Grand opening of our new facility "The Gathering Place." This facility is incredible and a huge blessing. We are very excited about its use for our youth and other groups, and also to be a place of outreach to the community around us. Join us this Friday night, Jan. 14, for our UNPLUGGED CONCERT SERIES, 7 pm. Bring a friend, especially if they don't know Christ or have a worship community they are a part of. Great opportunity to introduce them to an informal and safe environment to connect with others.

* Speaking of our new facility - we have an amazing team that serve so selflessly and pulled off our grand opening and day of celebration. I am SO THANKFUL for servant leaders who love God and people and do whatever they can to demonstrate that!

* Mentioned to the church about a new series that begins this coming Sunday, Jan. 16 - called "The Irresistible Invitation." I am STOKED about this series. It is going to be powerful, beyond just hearing, though ... it is going to challenge me and our whole church community to become more IRRESISTIBLE to the world around us ... as we live out our lives for Jesus. The Gospel is missional and outwardly focused. Our lives must be the same. Don't miss this series!

Have a great week!