Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday on Monday (3.13.2011)

Some thoughts about this past week (not just Sunday!)....

* Kicked off the season of Lent last Wednesday with an "Ash Wednesday" service @ Quest. Kind of a different kind of service for many people. We always have folks at that service who tell me they've never been to an Ash Wednesday service - so cool! Glad they can experience something new and meaningful at Quest. Powerful service. Talked about pausing and RE-ORIENTING our lives toward Christ and the Cross. That's what the season of Lent in the church is all about.

* This past Saturday was the much anticipated "RISE ABOVE" Mental Health fair @ Quest. Purpose was to explore the role of spirituality in mental health. Our group organizing this event hit it out of the ball park! It was really incredible. Over 100 people showed up - most from outside in community - and a few who ended up coming back and worshiping with us at Quest yesterday morning! Many thanks to Jennifer Reynolds and her entire team for organizing this event. Phenomenal!

* Started a new series yesterday in worship --- called "DANGEROUS FAITH / pursuing an unsafe God." That whole theme really has gripped me in the past couple years, and we're exploring it in this series. Really talking about how we want safe, easy, comfortable Christianity .... but God is calling us to step out into an unsafe, radical, uncomfortable life where we die to ourselves so we can live for Him. Nothing comfortable about carrying a cross. We so need to hear this message in the American church. We've made Christianity something far from what the Bible teaches. Praying this series makes a big difference in my own life, and the lives of those in our church community.

* 16 young people are on a journey right now at Quest --- we call it "Confirmation." A time where these young people "confirm" the choice to follow Jesus that their families have raised them in. Year-long process.... but really looking forward to November when these young people will stand before our church community and say "YES" to Jesus! Doesn't get any better than that, does it? We as a church are called to invest in this generation and pass our faith along to them!!

* Over 70 women from our church went to a local concert last night! So thankful to Cindy Wilson and her team for organizing this. They had a great time and I'm sure there were alot of relationships formed and deepened!

* Excited about our upcoming mission to Belize. We commission the team in worship on March 27. Can't wait! Sending over 40 people to Belize the first week of April to continue building the relationship we've establish with German Gallardo and The Evangelical Quest Church there (yes, they took our name! How humbling and cool is that!!??)

I am so excited about the movement of God's Spirit at Quest. Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey with me!