Monday, November 10, 2008

American Jesus

Been thinking a lot about a series coming up in my church community early in 2009. We're going to be exploring the "American" version of Jesus and Christianity. I know this is going to be controversial and shake people, but it's needed. Because America has domesticated the Jesus of the Bible. I'm not pointing fingers - I am guilty of this as well. And it's time the Church in America take a very serious look at what we've become and what we've done to rob Jesus of His real message and mission.

Some may ask - what have we done to Jesus? How have we domesticated Him? Well...bottom line ... we've made Him to look like us. He's our skin color. He's our political party. He agrees with our worldview. In addition to these things - Jesus is safe. Jesus is easy. Being His follower requires only that I attend church some and do some good things once in awhile.

Who is Jesus, really? This is the question I am wrestling with as I prepare for this series.