Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missio Dei

"Missio Dei" is a Christian/Latin term meaning "the sending of God" or "the mission of God" (I like "sending" better). Preaching on that this Sunday at QC (Quest Church). The term was coined by Karl Hartenstein in response to Karl Barth and his emphasis on "actio dei" ("the action of God") --- all of this according to

In 21st century American church culture, we tend to speak of "mission" as something we "do" (example - we have "Missions Committees" or we go on "Missions trips", etc.). However, the Biblical concept of church and mission has much more to do with WHO WE "ARE" ... not in what we "DO." The term "missio dei" places emphasis on the reality that mission is born out of the very nature of God. It is WHO HE IS. And because of WHO HE IS, God acts be "sending" (Missio). Think about it - God SENT His Son ("missio dei"). And now because of this, Jesus invites the Church to participate in the "missio dei" --- we are invited to become part of the mission of God in the world we live in. In this sense, Church IS a mission. We don't DO missions. We are participating in the very nature of God in the world. We are the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.

This is revolutionary for the modern American church. But if we are to become the Church we are called to be ... we must seek what God would make us... and not what we want to simply become on our own. I pray that we would be SENT to participate in the "missio dei" in the communities we live in!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson phenomenon has been very interesting to me. So much is being made of his life, his music, his impact on culture. I even heard one person - an official spokesperson for him - say that his was a life of "love" more than any other life there ever was. Interesting.

From the outside I see his life as very sad, really. He was a young boy who seems like he was forced to grow up so fast (being thrust into the entertainment world at such a young age). But when he became an adult, he seemed so childish. Almost a reversal of how life is supposed to be lived. I have to imagine that much of this was a "retreat" into himself because he was unable to relate to the world in a mature way. His childish act was just a way to cope.

We are an interesting culture. Why do we get so obsessed with this kind of stuff?

I'm just wondering....