Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We've been in a series at our church this summer - exploring the ancient book of Proverbs. There are so many amazing and practical themes in this book. This past week we talked about what Proverbs says about money and resources. The word that came to the surface as I studied this theme in Proverbs was the word "discipline." Proverbs teaches that it takes discipline to handle money wisely, etc. I've been thinking alot more about discipline the past couple of days - and realizing that discipline relates to every area of life. Think about it - anything you want to do, and want to do well at - takes discipline. Whether it's being a friend to someone, a good spouse, a great father or mother, playing a sport or instrument, getting in shape, learning to cook, whatever. And I've been thinking about how this is so true of our spirituality and walk with God as well. It takes discipline. The root of "discipline" has the word "disciple" in it. Perhaps discipline and discipleship are related - I think they are/must be. Maybe that's why being a follower of Christ is so hard. Because it takes discipline - getting up every single day and committing to this life again. And again. And again. Just stuff I've been thinking about ...

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