Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm back, mon!

Just got back from Jamaica Saturday night/Sunday morning. My wife, Shauna, and I spent about 5 days in Negril at a beautiful resort there. We had decided just before our twins were born that when they turned a year old - we would take vacation - just me and her. Well our twins turned one just a few weeks ago - and we made good on what we said we would do!

I learned something about myself in Jamaica. When we first got there - I had the hardest time relaxing! I just couldn't do it. I felt like I should be working, producing, etc. But there was nothing I could really do. My cell phone didn't work there and I left my laptop at home (intentionally!) - so there was no checking email, etc. After about a day, though, I began to relax. Then by about the third day - I was relaxing pretty well! Then, on the last 24 hours there - I began stressing more. Even though I had a day lef
t to relax in such an amazing place - I just couldn't do it. Knowing that I was headed home soon, I began thinking of everything that awaited me.

So I have a tough time relaxing/taking a break. But I've decided to try to import that lesson to my daily life. If I have to go to Jamaica to relax - I'm going to go broke! I have to learn to work it into every day life somehow - even in the midst of the busyness and craziness of it all.

Getting ready to start a new series at our church that

talks about how to exist in a crazy/busy world. Looking forward
to studying and learning more in John 15 and how remaining
connected to Jesus (the "vine") is the key to living in our world.

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