Sunday, December 16, 2007

TV Preachers

Before I tell this story, let me say I think there are some GREAT TV preachers. I watch a few an am challenged in my faith journey. They hope me grow spiritually. I also watch several on the internet. But the other day I was flipping through some channels on TV and came across a religious station and particular preacher was preaching. My 5 year old was sitting with me on the couch. She asked, "Daddy, why is that preacher so mad?" I asked what she meant. She responded, "He's yelling at everyone." I quickly flipped to another channnel.

But it got me thinking. My daughter is 5. Her faith is being formed right now. Her image of God is being formed. And she's probably thinking - "God is mean. He's mad at me." Why do I make this jump - from the preacher to God? Because it's true. Kids images of God are formed by their parents and other adults.

I don't know what the guy was preaching about. Maybe there is even a time to express God in this manner - although I struggle with that. But wow. It makes you realize that the way we represent God to all people - especially the next generation - is an awesome responsibility. One we should not take lightly. One we should really consider.


Jessica said...

You're so right, and I - for one - am glad that I don't get a message of God's anger at Quest. I'll be the first to concede that I've let God down - I'm sure He's been disappointed in me - and He's probably been a little angry at me for some of the choices I've made. More importantly, though, He loves spite of that. He sees me as I am and isn't distracted by the mess I've made. He sees the one He loves, and I'm so glad to be reminded of that. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit is enough for me. I don't need someone to yell at me.

joy said...

Recently I read one of those email questionaires that surface every now and then. You know the kind I mean- "How many places have you lived, what's your favorite food", etc. This one had "What are you most afraid of?" and the person that sent it to me answered "God". This just made me sad. Of all the things in the universe that scare me, God is not one of them. He is the ultimate opposite of scary to me.
My friend that gave that answer goes to worships every Sunday, and is very active in her church. This just makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, though, if we sometimes lack a healthy fear of God. Most kids have a certain amount of fear towards their parents -- I'm not talking about an abusive situation -- but only the type of fear which says to us, "if we do this, then there will be consequences". Sometimes I think we forget all about the consequences and only focus on the "feel good" aspect.