Monday, January 28, 2008

Churches don't compete

Just put a billboard up in our city. The idea behind it is that so often churches and Christians can be divided. The image we present to the world is fractured and broken because of our denominational and institutional disagreements. I'm not saying we shouldn't join a certain "tribe" or whatever (I'm connected to a denomination), but so often it becomes more important to us than relationships with each other and our common mission.

Love a quote from Charles Spurgeon on this (From "A Divided Heart," 1859):

When the differences are of such a character, that as people of God we can still love each other, and still unite in the common battle against the cause of evil and in the common end of building up the church, then there is but little that is faulty. When when our doctrinal divisions grow to so great a head that we cease to co-operate; when our opinions upon mere ordinances becomes so acid towards each other, that we can no longer extend the right hand of fellowship to those who differ from us, then indeed is the church of God found faulty.

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