Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dead Preachers

I'm learning something about preaching. Simply put - to be effective as a preacher/teacher - I must be dead. Many will argue with this statement and use personal opinion and our fleshly desires to "be somebody" to tell me that God wants to "use ME," etc. Heck - I've even said that before - many times - in my preaching. But Biblically, it cannot be supported. The only way for Jesus Christ to be revealed and to become FAMOUS in my own life is for me to die, so that He can live. I won't quote one verse here to support that - it's the entire message of the Bible - especially in the New Testament. The way to LIFE is through the door of DEATH (just look at Jesus and the cross).

Anyway, praying that God will help me to die, so that He can truly live in my preaching and teaching to my church community. My community needs God, not me.

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