Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Own Nothing

Starting a new series at The Quest this Sunday. Focusing on "Biblical perspectives on ownership." This is a "stewardship" series. I've always struggled with "stewardship" series' in the past - and I'm a pastor! The problem with them is that they have an end destination in mind - getting people to give money toward a budget that the church is trying to raise. Is that really a worthwhile destination? Is is lasting? Or is it self-serving? Don't get me wrong - we have a budget, too. But shouldn't the destination in a series like this be for people to make a paradigm shift - from thinking we OWN our little world/life/story to understanding that God OWNS it all? And then trying to figure out how my story fits into HIS story?

Why do we settle for such small expectations of people - just getting them to give to a budget? God wants so much more - He requires so much more - He wants ALL of us. We are HIS.

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