Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"WHY?" series

Starting a new series in a few weeks @ Quest. Wanting to know what questions people in our church community have. So we're asking them to finish this question: "Why ______________?" If you have a "why" question, and would like to submit it, feel free to leave a comment with your question!


David Carr said...

Why do we park on driveways but drive on parkways?

Why do doctors call what they do "practice?"

Why is it called a “drive through” if you have to stop?

Anonymous said...

Why can't we truly understand God until we have gone through pain or see how He can change or protect us?

Anonymous said...

Why have so many churches, denominations, organizations, etc. gotten so far away from Jesus' message? I know there is a lot of room for interpretation, but seriously...Love God and Love others isn't that complicated. How can any person or any organization claiming to follow Christ be so unloving?