Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson phenomenon has been very interesting to me. So much is being made of his life, his music, his impact on culture. I even heard one person - an official spokesperson for him - say that his was a life of "love" more than any other life there ever was. Interesting.

From the outside I see his life as very sad, really. He was a young boy who seems like he was forced to grow up so fast (being thrust into the entertainment world at such a young age). But when he became an adult, he seemed so childish. Almost a reversal of how life is supposed to be lived. I have to imagine that much of this was a "retreat" into himself because he was unable to relate to the world in a mature way. His childish act was just a way to cope.

We are an interesting culture. Why do we get so obsessed with this kind of stuff?

I'm just wondering....

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cymbria kruger said...

I think Micheal was a brilliant entertainer. He had such a unique style. he didnt blend in with sociey, he stood out. he showed us all that it was ok to be your own person. I think many judged him for what the media said and the alligations set againts him. I didnt agree with his hanging the baby out thee window, do not get me wrong. But I also do not know if tthe molestation charges were real. Coming up in the era of Micheal, He became my first pop idol as a young girl. I read about everything with him in it. I never missed an interview and if one was coming on afer my bed time, I taped it. I learned a lot about him, not only by what hhe said, but by his reactions o lifess questions. I have no doubt he came from an abusive background. I also feel he has been judged by so many, even many of you who will be reading this. I know there are a lot of people who think he was a terrible person. Well, first, it is not our place to judge. Only God has tthat power and for us to claim it is wrong. Also, how soon did we forget "hand across america" He was a big part of that, and never land, that place gave terminal child a chancee tto live out a fairy ttale before they died. How many people do you know, that would take thier money and make a place like that for terminal children? so many say....if I won the lottery I would pay off bills and buy a house and a car and a boat etc. How many people would say....Im going to help the terminally ill? i think we need o remember the DASH in Michaels life. It was a pretty big dash. One to be remembered. He had problems, who doesnt? I think he was lost threw out his life. But even in all that confusion, he still did good for the children of this world. He did make a diference in so many lives. So instead of remembering him for the slanderous tabloids, why not look at him for his DASH.