Monday, July 28, 2008


Said something yesterday that really hit me hard - during my message at my church - I said that "we are wired by God for friendship." I've said something similar many times before ... so not sure why it hit me in a different way this time ... but it did. I guess it's sinking in. You and I - are made for each other. To be in community together. To know each other.

So why is this so hard? Especially in the church community? Why do we wear masks and put on facades? What are we afraid of? If I'm honest - I am afraid of real relationships. Because then I'm really putting myself out there. To be known. And to know others. And this is not clean and easy. Relationships are messy and difficult.

But how else can we have community? It doesn't happen by just putting it into the title of our church or something like that. It doesn't happen by writing it into a vision statement. It happens when we know we're wired for it ... and when we enter into the crazy, messy, beautiful process of being a community.

Just some stuff I'm thinking about today ...

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about real community too. I personally have a really hard time when i come close to sharing any kind of intimacy with anyone. There are 13 different defintions for intimacy in the dictionary. It's a complicated thing I guess. But I don't know why. For me I guess it's because my whole life I have moved around ALOT. Never really had a chance for any kind of commmunity. Now I want it, but don't know how to go about getting it. I've been thinking alot about it too..