Friday, January 9, 2009

Kingdom Theology

Been camping out in "Kingdom" theology as I'm preparing for an upcoming message this weekend at my church community. Talking about the "now" and "not yet" of the Kingdom and how the American church seems to focus most heavily on the "not yet" (future reality of "heaven") ... missing out on the realization of the Kingdom in the now/every day. But the thing that has grabbed me this week - more than anything else - is that THE CENTRAL MESSAGE OF JESUS' PREACHING AND TEACHING IN THE GOSPELS IS "THE KINGDOM OF GOD." Man - I've missed this. The Church has missed this. How often do we hear the Kingdom preached and taught? How often do I teach and preach it directly?

Heavy week ...

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David Carr said...


Not only was the kingdom the central feature of Jesus' teaching, but the inauguration/proclamation of the kingdom was the central purpose of his life! (Luke 4:14-21; 43). It's even more primary than his "dying for my sins" since it was this mission that got him put on the cross.

Great stuff!