Friday, January 23, 2009

Can we be Christian without being like Christ?

In my reading this morning was challenged with a thought - the author mentioned that for many Christians today being like Jesus/following Him is not required to be "Christian." Instead we can say we "believe" in Jesus, making that an intellectual assent to a set of core beliefs "about" Jesus, but leaving the actual following/behavior part behind. The author referenced this to the way Jesus hung out with the poor and marginalized of society. 8 of 10 Christians believe Jesus did this (the other 2 must not be reading the Gospels ...), but only 2% of this 80% say they do the same thing.

Can we be Christian with being like Jesus?

(I'm not pointing fingers here ... I'm concerned with my own life of discipleship!)

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Anonymous said...

i wuold like to add something to that
people have done what you said be with the poor and sick help the homeless and less fortunate i bet less than 2 percentactually done it with love it takes more than just helping it must done with love for your your fellow man the bible says if an act of kindness is done with no love the it would have been better off not being done at all love is the key