Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Boys

Last night as I was putting my twins to bed (Drew and Ty - just over 3 years old) I had them kneel down beside their new "big boy" beds to pray. We've never done that before. I usually just lay with them in their beds, say a quick prayer for them, and that's it. But for whatever reason, decided to switch things up last night. It was crazy! By that I mean - they did it - and did it so well! They knelt there, folded their hands, and repeated line after line that I prayed - probably for about 2 minutes or so. I was absolutely blown away.

Made me realize something important that relates to all of us. We need to be pushed spiritually. If we just settle for the same old stuff - we will never grow. When I pushed my boys to grow spiritually - they did - even at 3 years old.

I'm 37. I've gotten comfortable with my spirituality. Have you? Let's push each other to grow.

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Rebecca Franklin said...

Awesome blog!!!! I love praying with Olivia and the boys. I do the same where they repeat after me but to change it up we also have "free prayer" where they get to come up with the prayer themsleves. I love to listen to them pray from the heart!