Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't come to church this Sunday

I'm feeling like I need to tell folks not to come to church this Sunday .... unless they want to be confronted with the truth and the need to change. We're doing a "Thanksgiving" theme ... but we're talking about American consumerism as it compares with world hunger, poverty, etc. Just one of the stats I'll be sharing is that a child dies every 6 seconds from hunger in our world. During the course of my sermon/message Sunday - about 350 children will die around the world. Because of lack of food. I wept as I wrote that statistic into my message this week as I sat at a local coffeeship drinking my more than $2 cup of coffee (by the way - half the world's population lives on $2 per day). I wept because I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. BECAUSE IT IS NOT AN EMERGENCY TO ME. How can children dying not be an emergency to me? It would be if it was my child. I would never allow it to happen to my child. But as followers of Jesus Christ and His Way, we are called to view all children as His children. Our children. The reason children are dying is because we are not responding to the way and the call of Jesus. It doesn't matter enough to us. I must change. God help me to change.

So I hope and pray no one shows up Sunday. Because if they do, they will never ever be the same again. They won't be able to be.


James said...

I can't be there Sunday bro, but not because I don't want to hear the sermon, I will be at work, maybe I can save a child or two while there. Remember the one thing, and stay Gold Johnny boy. JT

Jessica said...

It's going to be life-changing. I can't wait....and yet, I can. It won't be easy.