Saturday, March 13, 2010


Spent about 5 days in Belize just over a week ago. My church was exploring long-term missional relationships that we can set up. Planning to take teams to Belize twice a year beginning this Fall.

The picture above is me with guy named German Garraldo. Very excited about the potential relationship we are setting up with him and his ministry in Belmopan (the capital city of Belize). German owns a garage/road repair business. He is turning his business facility into a church facility, where he can hold worship gatherings, community events, as well as house young people with no other place to go. He literally taking "church" to the people in his city. Pray for him and for his ministry. Pray for our church as we explore the potential relationship we might have with his church.

Very excited about the next steps of this endeavor!

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