Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

Noticed that several pastors/leaders blog about random thoughts on Sunday afternoons. Kind of free flow thinking. I like that and am getting in on the action! So here are some thoughts about the past day ...

  • Was great to be back in my regular routine today. Haven't preached to my Quest community in 2 Sundays in a row! Love Forrest Page and Mike Freace and so thankful they brought incredible messages in my absence. But man, good to be back today!
  • I need to practice what I'm preaching! Slowing down and "rethinking Christmas" is way easier said than done. I'm working hard on creating space in this season for what God wants to do in my life.
  • I love our staff at Quest. They are amazing people. They love God and they truly love people and being in ministry with people. Quest is what it is because of amazing visionary leaders who want to see God do even more!
  • I'm excited about Christmas Eve. Going with a whole different spin on the Christmas story that a friend shared with me the other day. Blew me away, and hope to blows you away as well! Bring a friend!!! Christmas Eve is the one day - more than any other - that people outside the church are most open to invitations to come be a part of a church community. We need to take this opportunity to truly love and care about the people around us!
  • Leadership requires vision. I'm learning this more in the past year than ever. And that vision can only come from God. My conjuring up vision is worthless. I need God's vision. We all do. And along with this - leadership can be lonely. Sometimes we feel like we're out on the front lines and like no one is following. It is those times that we must trust in God and surround ourselves with accountability and people who will continue to walk the journey with us. We cannot do it alone.
Hoping you have a great week!!!


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