Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday on Monday (12.12.2010)

Thoughts from yesterday...

  • Preached on "peace" from Luke 2. Talked about the PATH OF PEACE being 1 - peace with God, 2 - the peace of God, and 3 - becoming a peace-maker. Challenged everyone to move along the path of peace towards God.
  • Had a couple join The Quest at the early service. Loved the words shared when they joined. They talked about finding God through community. That's what it's all about!!
  • Great worship design meeting. Stoked about some upcoming series at Quest!
  • Belize Celebration last night was pretty incredible. Hearing people share stories about God's work in them through this experience was amazing. So thankful for this partnership!
  • Went home very tired. Long day of great ministry!

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