Thursday, May 24, 2007

Supra-cultural Christianity

On the way home from the gym last night I heard a preacher on the radio using a term I don't think I've heard before - "supra-cultural." He was talking about how there are biblical principles that are "supra-cultural" - and that these principles are the ones that are most important. By this he meant that these principles are not tied to a certain time and location in the Bible (occasional or situational principles) but transcend time and place. There are biblical principles that work in America in the year 2007, as well as in a remote African village 100 years ago, and so on.

I only had a 5 minute drive home, so I only heard a little bit from this preacher. But it got me thinking over the past day - that I like what this guy was saying. I like it because it really seems to make sense if you think about it. But if you go on thinking about it, you'll begin to realize that some of the things we make "biblical" aren't really biblical at all. For instance, today in the Church in America there's alot of talk (or arguing) over worship/worship style/etc. There's also much discussion over things like leadership and church structure, etc. And what happens is that we find a way we "like" it to work - and we make that "biblical" in a sense. I know I do. When in fact, it's more occasional or situational. It doesn't mean what I like isn't good, etc ... It's just that I need to be careful to say MY WAY is the right way/the biblical way. Because when I say that I'm saying your way is not.

"Supra-cultural" - probably not a word I'll add to my vocabulary. But a good word.


Anonymous said...

You are treading dangerously, my friend. God does not change, nor His stands for all eternity and to think we can say a portion is just cultural for that time is heresy.


Thanks for the comment. Wrote that post 7 years ago --- but was good to re-read. Appreciate your thoughts, though I don't understand where you drew that from coming from my post. The point of my post was to say that there are certainly Biblical Truths. But sometimes my "opinion" becomes Biblical Truth - when it is not --- and I mentioned several items --- worship styles, leadership structures, etc. There are many things like this that aren't Biblical prescribed. Perhaps I've misunderstood your comments, I can admit that. But don't read into my post what is not there. Thanks.