Monday, February 2, 2009

Denominational Paralysis

Becoming more and more convinced that the Church suffers from denominational paralysis. In our efforts to maintain and grow the institution of the Church, we've largely lost the single focus of remaining Kingdom-driven for the purposes God calls us to in our world. Simply put - I feel like we're asleep. But while I believe this to be true, I don't believe simply complaining about it is the answer. I pray that God keeps me and so many others from this. Instead, we must seek God and the Kingdom together and pray that He will move the body as a whole to return to Him, and once again pick up His Kingdom-agenda for our lives.


Anonymous said...

How true this speaks to what God desires, God wants the heart, soul, body and mind of all who he has created — not our labels, positions, exclusive associations, etc.
Thanks John for this so important reminder…
Steve Rocha

Dena said...

Yes; love this!