Thursday, February 26, 2009

Discipling Morgan

Just passed the one year anniversary of Friday Discipleship Times with my oldest daughter, Morgan (I call these "Father Daughter Times"). What a great year. We've missed a few Fridays due to school stuff, vacations, etc.... but we've met about 40 times over the last year. Morgan has read the entire Gospel of John, part of Genesis, and now we're finishing Genesis and getting into the Psalms as well. She's also read "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," "Prince Caspian," a biography of "Corrie Ten Boom," and now we've started a kid-version of "Pilgrim's Progress." In addition she has memorized scripture, created dozens of prayer lists for weekly prayer, and served many people with a "serve challenge" we do each week. But the greatest part for me is just being with my daughter and watching God move and work in her life.

I encourage all parents to disciple your children. I'm committing to do this with each of my kids - and having these one-on-one discipleship times when they turn 8. With four kids - that will be alot of time and energy - but so worth it!


Jessica said...

I love that you do this with her. Scott and I want to talk to you and Shauna sometime about how you're raising your kids and just kind of pick your brains on all of that. Y'all are doing such an amazing job raising them in the Lord, and we want to do the best we can for Leah.

And.....from one Type A to another......your title should be "Discipling Morgan," not "Disciplining." =) I think. But now both look weird to me. Perhaps you should ignore that. Pay no attention to me.

RobiPing said...

Colt and I are reading the childrens book "What would Jesus do" with our kids. I can't remember where we picked this book up at, but it is Awesome. Each chapter starts off with a bible verse and is followed by the story that goes with the bible verse, each chapter ends with a prayer and a challenge for the kids. Micheal loves to read the prayers and Jonathan loves the challenges. I love the light in my kids eyes when they connect what Jesus did with what they can do in their daily lives, it so amazing. I am so happy that we are raising our kids to be reflections of christ.

Anonymous said...

I promise you there is a conclusion to this. My mind works in circles at times...
Do we really deserve to call ourselves Christians? A Christian once, a Christian for life. A friend of mine talked to me abour constant prayer. Ever since like 4 or 5 years ago, ive noticed more of Him. In places you would never expect- bathrooms, cars, stores, evwn at school or work. My friend Shawn told me once he laughed with amazement because he was holding a pencil in his hand, a pencil of.. God's creation! He also told me about when we were in chapel. A butterfly flew inside. He was even then amazed because this creature of God was its own way praising Him. Fire is so much like God. It is inspiring, an enigma. It can do so much, so powerful. But can use that power to destroy in seconds. It warms and brings people together. It gives light in darkness. But fire can burn, break down a forrest. But God'd intent for that fire was to clear y
The bad so that others can grow. God is like the gentle rain and the loving fire. He is like the wind. You cannot see Him , but you can feel Him, you can hear Him. You can see the effects He has all around you. He can carry you away.
He made the trees. They are so tall, and even a foot tall of a tree trunk is extremely heavy. He built them to sway and not to break. Who else could make auxh an amazing feat? He made us. Every tiny factor and function. It is all planned out. It is overwhelming! Christ, Jesus, is the one and only son of the Father. He knew all along His fate, that He would die for us. that we would betray Him. That He would suffer. We were mercilous, cruel. But he did not cry for the beatings to stop, the nails to halt theor piercing, to take the cross off His shoulders, to stop the jeering, the tormenting. His love is indefinite. God is love ( john 3 ). He died for us because He loves us, everyone. Who are we to be saved? Who are we to call ourselves His children, when we hurt Him every day and pierce Him to the cross? Early as it is this Easter morning thats God gave to us the ultimate gift of sacraficial love. A love that we, having so much in America, may never understand the immensity of from God.