Thursday, January 13, 2011


Beginning a new series this coming Sunday (1/16) at The Quest. Been thinking and praying on this series for some time now, and stoked that it is finally here. Just really feel like this is a series we need to hear and respond to. Calling it "The Irresistible Invitation." Must give props to the idea being sparked by another pastor named Steven Furtick doing a message called "The Invitation" last year. Loved the idea of God issuing us an "invitation" to know Him.

The series will have three themes - one each week for the next three weeks:

Jan. 16
The invitation to know an irresistible God

Jan. 23
The invitation to become a part of an irresistible community

Jan. 30
The invitation to live for an irresistible mission/purpose

I've said it before and will say it again --- This series can be life-changing. It truly can. If we will not only listen to what it being said, but cooperate with God's Spirit to make it true in our everyday lives.

I'm praying for everyone who comes, that we'll be open to hear from God in a fresh way and to apply His Word to our lives.

See you around!

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