Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday on Monday (2.27.2011)

Some thoughts from The Quest yesterday....

* Was so excited headed into worship yesterday. Knew that God was going to move and change/transform people when we entered into His presence yesterday! Could just "feel" it. Others felt it to before we even started. Awesome stuff!

* Music is SO POWERFUL. Did a new song yesterday by Jesus Culture called "Your Love is Everything" and I was so impacted by that song! Singing to Jesus that His love is everything to us - whether things are good or bad -- His love is everything!

* I just love our band and the way they serve God and our church community through their spiritual gift of music/worship! They were incredible yesterday.

* Hearing a TON of feedback about the message yesterday. Preached 2 Cor 10:3-5 about capturing our thoughts/words and making them submit to Jesus Christ. That message got in me this week and I just had to release it! So glad that many many people heard the message. Now let's let it CHANGE and TRANSFORM us! Can you imagine life where we don't listen to what the world says about us, but only to what God says? Imagine it.... it can happen!

* One more week on the STICKS AND STONES series. Been a very practical and life-changing series for me and so many others. So thankful that God led us into this series!

* Met with the Imagine Team Leaders yesterday to discuss future land/property options. Pray for us - this is an incredible team of people who take very seriously their responsibility to be sensitive to God's leading as it relates to facilities. More information will be coming soon....

* Great Worship Design Team meeting yesterday. What an incredible group of people who meet and plan and design worship! So thankful to them! Things are changing in that group - but it's all good and God will use it to grow Quest even more!!

* Had a couple premarital counseling sessions yesterday. I absolutely LOVE meeting with these young couples and speaking into their lives as it relates to the incredible covenant they are making. What a privilege!

* So thankful for the 40 something people headed to Belize in a few weeks! They met again last night and the excitement is growing as they look toward GOING to Belize in April. I'm praying for you all and look forward to what God is going to do!!

* Had another "GroupLink" last night at Quest. Several folks and families showed up to learn more about community groups and connect with groups. I LOVED being able to spend a few minutes talking to folks. Love the relationships at Quest. GroupLink nights are always great!

Big week and month coming up at Quest. Lots of stuff going on, missions to prepare for, weddings, etc.

Love our church community! Honor to serve as the pastor of this incredible community!!

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