Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday on Monday (2.6.2011)

Some reflections from yesterday @ The Quest:

* Was back in the preaching "saddle" yesterday. Great to be away the Sunday before with my wife for a wedding and some sabbath time, but I always miss preaching! Was busting to share the message yesterday as we began our new series called "Sticks and Stones" ....

* Our band was incredible yesterday. They always are, but just really felt the energy yesterday as they led us in worship. Such talented musicians who share their spiritual gifts with our church community. We are so blessed to have such great worship leaders!

* Record attendance the last 4 Sundays at Quest. On average, largest worship attendance we've ever had 4 weeks in a row. Love that people are connecting with God and relationships in this community. That's why we exist.

* Had over a dozen new folks come to "Starting Point" yesterday - a one hour "get to know Quest" lunch thing after worship. Love love love being able to sit down and talk with visitors about their experience at worship. They have such valuable things to say and we have things to learn from them!

* A highlight for me personally was my oldest daughter being in the first 30 minutes of worship for the music. She and the other "tweens" sat right behind me and loved hearing them sing and be a part of the worshiping community before they headed down to the Tween Extreme space for spiritual teaching.

* Had a couple other great meetings yesterday in the afternoon. My favorite part of the church environment is getting to know people and sharing life together. Such a privilege!

* I LOVE our church community. It is such an amazing group of people who come together to love and serve God and our community and world. I and my family are so blessed to be a part of what God is doing at Quest!

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